My Local COVID: History, Forecast and Mitigation Portal

After many months of hard work, we are happy to present “My Local COVID” portal, providing comprehensive tools to track the local COVID epidemic and plan scientific mitigation strategies across US and Canada:


This portal provides resources and tools that could help individuals and policy makers with a scientific, balanced, and evidence-based approach to manage and navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic. It provides historical information, important demographics, and resulting stochastic forecasting for local counties (US) or Health Units (Canada), for adjustable vaccination, face-mask usage and social mobility reduction strategies.

The model is simultaneously calibrated against more than 2500 distinct epidemics and mitigation histories (over 100,000 reproduction number measurements), throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Local COVID Portal

Finally, the Canadian portal is here thanks to the hard work of two University of Waterloo undergrads Jolene Zheng and Shafika Olalekan Koiki, and help from Ben Holder. This is work in progress, as is our understanding of COVID, so please help us, help each other, as we are all in this together #covid19pandemic #covid19canada #covid19vaccination #covid19usa