I gave a talk about dragons!

Here be Dragons: Ancient cartographers often used illustrations of dragons to show treacherous and uncharted territories. Physicists, Astronomers and Cosmologists have managed to vanquish these dragons out to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, highest temperatures imaginable, and deepest holes in the galaxies. Beyond these boundaries lie our new age dragons. I will retell the tales of these creatures and our battles to slay them.

(Physics 10, University of Waterloo, September 2018; keynotePDF)


Congratulations to Dr. Mansour Karami!

Congratulations to Dr. Mansour Karami, who has just successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled:

“Probing the dark universe with gravitational lensing”

Mansour’s PhD focused on different ways in which gravitational lensing teaches us about dark objects in the universe:

Here is a picture of Mansour, with his proud co-supervisors, and a cake that features pictures from his thesis:

From Left to Right: Me marveling at the cake, the freshly minted doctor, and his other proud co-supervisor, Avery Broderick (photo courtesy of Jorge Preciado)

And here is a picture of the said cake, which you can understand better by reading Mansour’s thesis!

2018-09-07 16.09.20
Mansours’ PhD cake!

We wish Mansour all the best in his future adventures in the world of quantitative finance 👏😲😉