Echoes in Southern Ontario

We shall have an informal workshop on Black Hole Echoes on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 24-25, 2020 at Perimeter Institute. There will be informal presentations and discussions by researchers interested in echoes from Perimeter, U-Waterloo, McMaster, and U-Toronto. Please see the draft schedule below, which is subject to change.

Spacetime ‘Echoes’ From Quantum Black Holes Could Soon Change Physics Forever (VICE Motherboard, Feb. 2020)

Monday, Feb. 24, 2020
9:30-10:15Naritaka Oshita (PI)Quantum Black Hole SeismologyAlice Room
10:15-10:45Luis Longo (PI)Echo-Diversity in Binary BH inspiralAlice Room
11:15-12:00Bob Holdom (UoT)Echoes and Quadratic GravityAlice Room
2-3Krishan Saraswat (UW/PI)Echoes and HolographyAlice Room
3:30-4:30Qingwen Wang (UW/PI)Echoes in Numerical RelativityAlice Room
Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020
9:00-9:45Cliff Burgess (Mac/PI)Effective Field Theory of EchoesAlice Room
9:45-10:30Jahed Abedi (AEI, Hanover)Bayesian Evidence for EchoesAlice Room
11:00-11:30Petra Duff (UW)Echoes after GW170817Alice Room
11:30-12:00Bob Holdom (UoT)Spectral Search for Echoes Alice Room
1:30-2:15Markus Rummel (Mac/PI)EFT for Event Horizon TelescopeAlice Room
2:15-2:35Wan Zhen Chua (UW/PI)Electromagnetic Albedo of Black HolesAlice Room
3:00-4:00Discussion and OutlookAlice Room