Congratulations to Dr. Nosiphiwo Zwane!

Congratulations to Dr. Nosiphiwo Zwane on successfully defending her PhD thesis, entitled:

“Cosmological Tests of Causal Set Phenomenology”

Here is a picture of Nosiphiwo (right) with her two supervisors, me and Rafael Sorkin …


… and a close-up of the cake we’re holding, featuring a colorful causal set, with Nosiphiwo’s work on causal set predictions for dark energy history featured in the middle.  Hopefully, I will write about it later here, but in summary, it is an amazing result that shows dark energy might have been stochastic but fluctuating (i.e. everpresent) throughout cosmic history, and this is consistent with all the cosmological observations.

We wish Nosiphiwo all the best in her grand new adventures!