Congratulations to Dr. Yasaman Yazdi!


Congratulations to Dr. Yasaman Yazdi on successfully defending her thesis, entitled: “Entanglement Entropy of Scalar Fields in Causal Set Theory”

Featured above is the most photogenic celebratory cake that you’ll ever see, featuring Yasman’s seminal recovery of entropy “area” law for 2D causal sets, as well as a tale of our foray into firewall territory with high energy neutrinos!


Featured above, from left to right are: Don Page (Yasaman’s future postdoc advisor at Univ. of Alberta), Steve Carlip (External Examiner at Yasaman’s PhD defence), Yasman herself, myself and Rafael Sorkin (Yasman’s PhD co-supervisors), and Bill Unruh (Yasaman’s former undergraduate supervisor at Univ. of British Columbia).

To find out more about Yasaman’s impressive body of work during her PhD and MSc, ranging from Astrophysical Accretion to Entanglement Entropy and Causal Sets, check out her papers on arXiv.